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Saytek // Improvisations

New Album // Out Now - auf dem Live-Artists Label von Carl Cox (please find the full length original english interview below)

Hi SAYTEK. Vor einem Jahr haben wir uns über Deine erste Single auf Awesome Soundwave, dem Label von Carl Cox und Christopher Coe, unterhalten. Nun, gut 9 Monate später, erscheint Dein neues Album “Improvisations” auf dieser Plattform. Ein Ritterschlag! Wie immer sind alle Tracks live entstanden. Hast Du sie schon live vor Publikum gespielt?

Die Tracks habe ich alle schon live gespielt und so sind sie für mich auch schon mit sehr vielen sehr schönen Erinnerungen verbunden. Es war ein großartiges Jahr mit Gigs im UK, in Deutschland und dem Rest von Europa. Ich liebe es, wie die Tracks auf den Dancefloors funktionieren!

Du hast kürzlich bei "Dr. Mottes Bday Celebration" gespielt. Wie war es, hast Du Dr. Motte schon mal zuvor getroffen, warst Du je auf einer Love Parade?

Es war ein toller Auftritt, eine sehr coole Crowd aus jungen und älteren Menschen, die 100% in der Musik waren! Ich habe Dr. Motte bisher nur einmal getroffen, als er sich einen meiner Gigs im Polygon angeschaut hat. Auf einer Love Parade war ich leider nie, worüber ich ewig traurig sein werde.

Ich persönlich mag “Acid Jam Seven" von Deinem neuen Album sehr, weil es ein herrlich klassischer Acid Sound ist. Hast Du einen Lieblingstrack auf der LP?

Es ist schwer, eine solche Perspektive auf die eigene Musik zu gewinnen, aber das Publikums- und DJ Feedback ist großartig. Auch “Acid Jam Seven” bekommt sehr gute Response, auch nach mehr als 30 Jahren lässt Acid die Leute immer noch durchdrehen!

Mit dem Album in der Tasche, wohin geht es in den nächsten Monaten?

Das Wochenende jetzt, wo ich Dir diese Fragen hier beantworte, spiele ich auf der Intec Arena beim Creamfields zusammen mit u.a. Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber und Pan Pot. Die Woche drauf headline ich das Schlaflos meets Abona Beach Open Air in Heidelberg. Awakenings at ADE, Fabrik Madrid und weitere großartige Shows im UK und dem Rest von Europa folgen dann auch noch!

Das neue Album “Improvisations” von SAYTEK ist gerade auf Awesome Soundwave erschienen, dem Live-Artists Label von Carl Cox.

full length original english interview:

Hi Saytek, last time we talked about your first single release on Awesome Soundwave, the label run by Carl Cox and Christopher Coe. Now, 9 months later, we talk about your first album on this platform. First of all, congratulations on the result, to me it is a techno album, as it should be - improvisations from and for the floor, tracks to dance to!

Thank you very much, very happy to be releasing an LP on ASW! And yes, these are all tracks I perform in my live show to people dancing and going crazy! 

Have you played some or all of these tracks already live? I can imagine, it is a special moment, to play a new track the first time live. Are some of these tracks so may be connected to a special location or event for you? 

All these tracks were recorded as live tracks in the first place and I have since gone on to play them at many clubs and festivals, so they have lots of happy memories already! Its been a great year for touring with loads of shows in the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe and I love the way these tracks work on the dancefloor!

How do you find your track names, especially in this case, and do they change sometimes over time, in the producing process? Finding track names in almost non-vocal music - it is an interesting point to me.

Haha yeah, it's a difficult one! and because I never work on one track at once as I am a live act and work on say 10- 30 tracks whilst producing my live music. I end up with a bunch of unnamed tracks that I have to name and I look for inspiration naming them. A lot of the time it's after a technical aspect of the track for example "Fixed Interval" (live) refers to the chords used in the track and "Back On The Circuit" refers to the use of the Novation Circuit! Other time it can be a place name or just something I come up with! 

This summer you played at "Dr. Mottes Bday Celebration". How was this, and did you meet Dr. Motte already once before this party? Have you ever been to a love parade?

Ahhh yeah was an amazing gig! Such a cool crowd both young and older people who were 100% into the music and the scene! I had met him once before when he came to see me play at Polygon he is a great guy and a legend, Unfortunately I have never been to Love Parade something I will always be sad about! 

You live in London but you are also very often in Berlin. Have ever thought about moving to Berlin? Even because of the Brexit Discussion… Which city would also be an option for you, is there a place, that was impressive enough on you to leave London one day?

Ah! So this is a bit of a funny subject for me, we now live outside London I have a family and I suggested and pushed for a move to Berlin but in the end, we decided it was too much of a big move for the kids so we moved to Reading! I would love to live in Berlin myself but gotta think about the family and what's best for the kids, and with grandparents and friends already here it would be a big move! But who knows what's happening with Brexit! 

I really like "Acid Jam Seven" on your album, because it has a very classic acid flavour, like the "good old" hardfloor tracks. Do you have a favorite track on your album, or a track you are most satisfied with? Was there a track, that was very hard to finish?

It's always hard to get perspective on your own music, But the crowd responses to the tracks and DJ feedback have been great! Actually, Acid Jam Seven (live) always gets a good response from the crowd, more than 30 years on and acid still drives people crazy! 

What is coming next, where are you playing your new album in the next weeks and months? What are you looking forward to?

Ah, as I write this interview I am performing live at the Intec Arena of Creamfields this weekend alongside Carl Cox, Nicole Moadaber, Pan Pot and more. Next weekend I headline an Open Air: Schlaflos meets Abona Beach Heidelberg, Germany. Then I have Awakenings at ADE, Fabrik Madrid lined and loads of other great shows accross UK and europe booked in!