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^L_ - The Outsider

Hinter dem kryptischen ^L_ verbirgt sich der Brasilianische Produzent Luis Fernando, der nach seinem Debütalbum “Love Is Hell” von 2014 auf dem Berliner Label Antime nun mit “The Outsider” ein neues 6 Track Vinyl-Release nachlegt. [original english version below]

The Outsider - Der Titel ist Programm?
Ja, das ist er wohl. Ich betrachte mich schon ein wenig als Außenseiter, außerhalb des Systems, auch wenn das ein Klischee ist... Niemand sagt mir das, aber ich fühle es. Es ist ein Zustand des Geistes, ein Verhalten. Ich betrachte mich als Nihilist und dies spiegelt sich in der Art und Weise wider, wie ich mich ausdrücke. Die Titel der Stücke und auch die Texturen und Strukturen.

Der Titeltrack "The Outsider" enthält das einzige Sample auf dem Release, ein Fragment der Rede “This is Water” von  David Foster Wallace, die er 2005 am Kenyon College in den USA in Ohio gehalten hat.

Drei andere fundamentale Einflüsse waren Colin Wilson, dessen Hauptwerk “The Outsider” heisst, und Thomas Pynchon und JD Salinger. Sie beschäftigen sich mit Wissenschaft, Ideologie und Fatalismus, und wie uns dies in eine “Blase” der Einsamkeit und des Individualismus führt, wo das “The Outsider” Problem entsteht, wir Sklaven unserer eigenen Ironie und Entfremdung werden.

Du lebst in Brasilien, deine Musik erscheint auf einem Berliner Label. Wie kam das zustande?

Wir haben uns 2014 in einem Musikforum kennen gelernt, wo ich mein Album “Love is Hell” promotet habe. Dort haben wir uns über Musik unterhalten, ich habe ein paar Remixe und Tracks für sie gemacht und dann haben sie mein Album, was ich damals dort promotet habe, digital noch einmal neu aufgelegt. Alles lief und läuft gut und nun ich bin fester Musiker dort.

Du hast bereits in Berlin und Leipzig, Hamburg und München gespielt. Stehen schon neue Termine an?

Im April 2017 werde ich wieder nach Berlin kommen und sicher auch ein paar Gigs spielen. Vorher fokussiere ich mich aber erstmal noch auf die Produktion meines nächsten Albums.

After ˆL_ released his debut album “Love Is Hell” on Antime in 2014, he now returns with "The Outsider" on the Berlin-based imprint. Do you sometimes feel yourself like an outsider? What's the reason for this titeling?

First, thanks for the opportunity. It's a pleasure! So, I consider myself an outsider, yes ... out of the system - as much as it is a cliché) ... nobody tells me this, I just feel. But usually it's not just a nomenclature that you adopt and begins to follow. It is more a state of mind, a behavior. I consider myself a nihilist and this is reflected in the way I express myself - such as titles of the tracks and even the textures and structures. If I can not express myself, I just freak out. I was admitted in a hospital after a mental outbreak. I use prescription drugs and I try to keep myself under control. I always felt anger, which would obviously be sad. So, I use music to express all my state of mind.
The track "the Outsider" presents the only sample of the album: a fragment of an author's speech, David Foster Wallace “This is Water” made in 2005 on the Kenyon College graduation in Ohio, USA. Along with Foster Wallace, the other three are fundamental authors to record the concept:
Colin Wilson - whose main work is titled “The Outsider”, and Thomas Pynchon and JD Salinger. They deal with subjects such as science, ideologies, fatalism ... and how all this made us into a bubble of solitude and individualism. And this is where the issue arises "outsider": as we are slaves of our own irony, how alienated we become.

How do you compose and produce your music, what is your method?

I do not feel influenced by the time I'm recording. I try to be impartial. My method of composition is completely random, I never start producing some range thinking "this will be a house" or "this will be a techno" I just start playing randomly and at the end I see if the material is good, because of course not always this randomness results in something good. In fact, my method of composition is completely spontaneous, things are going through in the improvisation.

I have no fear to erase a project and start all over again, if not ideal for me. I am a perfectionist in my way. In the technical part of the production (mixing and mastering) then yes I am very meticulous, worry up exaggerated way with frequency and I am against the use of plugins, because I like to create my own timbres, maybe that's the big difference in my way to produce.

You are from Brasil but "The Outsider" has been released on the Berlin Label Antime. How did you find each other?

We first met in 2014 on a music forum. I was promoting my first album “Love is Hell” when we started talking about music. After getting to know each other better and discovering musical affinities, I was invited to compose some remixes and tracks for compilations. Later, my first record was reissued (digital version) and then things were going in the best possible way, to the release of this latest work, "The Outsider". Since then I became part of the cast of the label artists and I am very happy about it.

You have done shows in Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, ... How have they been? What "special moments" do you remember? Is there a plan of returning?

Yes I do, I'll return to Berlin in April 2017. My main focus is to finish my next album - no plans to release, yet - and play in some gigs. In one or two, I do not know, preferably with artists from Antime.

About the tour in 2015. All the shows were fantastic, but the Landshut (Fluxx) and Leipzig were special. A curious point: my first gig was in Berlin. I mean, it was not only the first show of the tour, but literally the first show my career. The experience of traveling by car from Germany, the autobahn and etc ... you know, the techno- & clubsscene. It was a dream ... I am Brazilian and I've always envisioned how would be german experience techno scene. This tour has changed my conception of music. Berlin has changed my mind as an artist. When I returned to Brazil, I felt as if I had absorbed information / experience for years.

What are the next plans, what is coming up from you?

A lot of work, writing, reading and listening to music. I'll keep working on the release of "the outsider". I have plans to release new videos and, in a fews months get back to Berlin, finish my new album and play in some Gigis if it's possible. Ah, I also would like to know the Nürburgring circuit and power driving the Nordschleife - know that you can still rent a car and be able to drive there!