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BRO Open Air - Stay Alive

we stay alive and we come with the next level...Music is on us - Bass and Vibes inclusive.
As a collective of some of the original Berlin Reggae activists we happy to present the next Open Air event in the beautifull SAGE CLUB. It will be a wednsday but we dont care as we just want to party with the massive. Music by the Berlin Reggae Originals Team of Supersonic, Lou Large, Citylock, and Mighty Timeless. The doors will open from 5pm.
The Berlin Reggae Originals project is an union of independent Berlin promoters, agencies and Soundsystems of Reggae, Dancehall and all the subgengres. Since 30 years and over 2000 events, shows, concerts or dances we are the main activists of this culture in the city.
We are:
SUPERSONIC SOUND (with no doubt, one of the best and leading Dancehall Sound in the world) / CITYLOCK (the most active Sound and Dubplate Operator in Europe) MIGHTY TIMELESS (one of the mostly booked DJ in Europe and well known promoter of Jamaican Talents and newschool Artists) / (the leading online portal for Reggae in Berlin as well countless of parties and events) / Topline Berlin (Berlins "senior" promoter of Reggae concerts. Since 30 years in the circuit) 

Mittwoch, 9. September 2020 von 17:00 bis 00:00
Berlin Reggae Originals - Open Air 
Supersonic Sound
Lou Large