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Berlin Reggae United Live Stream #8 feat Team RubADub Bln

Team Rub-A-Dub Berlin feat Long Fingah, Tonto Addi, Yugo Taguchi (live) selected by Hotta Henne and guests
Gecky HeavyHammer Dell'Aquila (IT-Heavy Hammer)
Supersonic Sound
Citylock Sound

The stream is for free but every support is welcome and appreciate. Support via Paypal: or Support us on start-next:

The Berlin Reggae United project is an union of independent Berlin promoters, agencies and Soundsystems of Reggae, Dancehall and all the subgengres. Since 30 years and over 2000 events, shows, concerts or dances we are the main activists of this culture in the city. As we are all under the lockdown and as there will be no live events until the end of the year we want to rise the banner and want to show that the culture is still alive.