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Halloween Special
Donnerstag, 31.10.2019 , 20:00h

Beate Uwe
Schillingstr. 31/Ecke Alexanderstr
10179 Berlin
52.51743 13.41898
Halloween - it's time to get freaky about plastic waste #zumkotzen #horrorstory #deathtononbiodegradeable

As part of a wider initiative aiming to highlight the gigantic role that India can play in stopping our planet from overheating, Something Slow will take ALL PROFITS made on entrance fees and donate them to Kachrewaale_The Waste People - this amazing Eur-Indian team of eco warriors are cleaning beaches one at a time in India's Andaman Islands, the same place the Slow crew will be at the end of January 2020 for a 4 Day beach Cleanup and open air celebration of our planet's natural beauty *